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Could you be allergic to your cellphone?

Could you be allergic to your cell phone?  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly 20% of all Americans are allergic to nickel, a metal commonly found in cell phones and other electronic devices such as laptops and tablets.  The most common scenario is itching in the lower abdomen in someone who likes to wear a big stylish belt buckle containing nickel, or itching and rash on the earlobes from your favorite earrings.  I’ve even seen an allergic reaction to a fitness tracker worn on the wrist.  How to solve the problem?  Insist that your ears are of a very highly cultured taste, and require 24-carat gold.  In this pure form, there should be no nickel in the mix to spoil the party, but anything else is an alloy, in other words a mixture of metals, likely including nickel, and a reaction can occur.  In fact, insist that all your belt buckles and cell phone cases too must be 24-carat gold.  If your pocketbook isn’t big enough for this solution, but you’re still itching whenever you wear your metal accessories, “Nickle Guard” is a dermatologist recommended product, which puts a barrier between you and that pesky nickel, and its available on Amazon for just $22.95.