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Cosmetic Treatments

CoolSculpting Recovery

During the Coolsculpting procedure, you may feel sensations like pulling, tugging, tingling, aching, and intense cold. These sensations subside within a few minutes and the area will become numb. After the procedure, the treated areas will be massaged to smooth out and warm up the treated areas. This may be mildly uncomfortable, but it will facilitate healing, and aid results.

CoolSculpting Side effects

The usual side effects include temporary redness, swelling, blanching of the skin, bruising, firmness, tingling, tenderness, stinging, itching and skin sensitivity. There may be a temporary sensation of fullness at the back of the throat, if your double chin area has been treated. You will be encouraged to drink lots of water to facilitate removal of the dead fat cells via the lymphatic system. You may experience the need to urinate more frequently as the lymph drains away the dead fat cells.

During the first few weeks, you may experience tingling and cramping in the treated areas. This is common and is due to the body’s response to the procedure, which involves creating mild therapeutic inflammation. This is normal. Tingling is the result of the nerves returning to normal. Studies show there is no risk of long-term nerve damage with CoolSculpting.

In the first few weeks after your procedure, you may experience a dulling of sensation or numbness that can last a couple of months. These are all normal, temporary side effects that will resolve without treatment. Of course, any time you have a concern Dr. M. David Cole and the team at Horizon Dermatology and Cosmetic Center will be happy to discuss your concerns and answer your questions.

It is unusual to have significant pain after the procedure. When this does rarely occur, it can almost always be managed effectively with common over the counter pain relievers such as extra strength Tylenol. It should resolve over several days. If you experience pain that persists past two weeks, please call the office.

Rare side effects may include discoloration of the skin at the treatment site that resolves on its own. Very rarely a condition called Paradoxical Hyperplasia may occur months after treatment. This causes the treated area to become larger and firmer. It is not dangerous, but affects the desired outcome. This is a very rare side effect, and it can be managed effectively.  If you experience this, please notify our office.

Recovering from CoolSculpting

There is no downtime. You can resume regular activities. Most patients return to work the same day. No special diet is required. We often see that our patients become more motivated to take care of themselves, and increase their exercise and/or continue or adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Coping with CoolSculpting side effects

Millions have had CoolSculpting and we have learned from them that if you experience discomfort here are some things you can do:

  • Use compression garments or shapewear to increase blood flow and reduce tenderness. It can feel good because it provides support.
  • It is vital that patients consume adequate water to aid the lymph system in flushing out the dead fat cells.
  • Only Tylenol is recommended for discomfort. Anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil work against the body‘s inflammatory process to rid the body of dead fat cells.
  • Sleep speeds healing.

Of course, any time you are worried about what you are feeling or have a concern, please give us a call.