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Botox FAQs

Botox injections are the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S. because they provide real, noticeable results that restore and refresh your natural beauty quickly and easily. In the hands of an experienced professional Botox is safe and has multiple cosmetic uses.

What is Botox and what does it do?

Botox is a natural poison called a neurotoxin.  When injected in tiny doses for cosmetic purposes, Botox temporarily paralyzes the targeted facial muscles to prevent them from responding to nerve stimulation. This provides gradual smoothing of lines and wrinkles.

We communicate with facial expressions that reflect how we feel and what we are thinking. As we age, visible lines and wrinkles form naturally from repetitive muscle contractions. These wrinkles are called dynamic because they result from use of the muscles.

Botox injections are not intended to, nor will they eliminate facial expression when properly injected. Instead, Botox will prevent grimaces, squints and frowns that have become unintended habits.

How long does it take to see the effects?

It takes 3-4 days for the drug to paralyze the muscles, but can take up a week.

How long will the effects of Botox last?

Typically, the effects will last 3-6 months, but this varies among patients. The effects will wear off slowly. To retain the effects, it is recommended that you have injections on a regular basis and before the effects have worn off. This is because studies show that when done on a regular schedule, your muscles learn to reduce contractions which prevents deeper lines, and even prevents new lines and wrinkles. Studies also show that when done on a regular schedule the amount of Botox necessary to achieve the same results decreases.

Is there anything I should know or tell the doctor before I receive Botox?

  • You should advise Dr. Cole about all medications you are taking.
  • If you are taking muscle relaxers of any kind they may reduce the effectiveness or onset of Botox.
  • If you have any medical condition that affects your muscles or nerves, Botox may not be right for you.
  • Tell Dr. Cole if you have had any side effects from Botox in the past.
  • To prevent bruising, do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, Motrin etc. for 7-10 days before injection and 2 days after injection. Tylenol is fine.

What are the side effects?

You may experience some swelling and bruising near the injection site. It is possible, but not likely, that you will experience a dry mouth, discomfort at the injection site, headache, neck pain, eye problems or an allergic reaction.

Other things to consider:

  • When lines and wrinkles are apparent, but the surrounding areas have become smoother after Botox, you may become more aware of those wrinkles that were not treated.
  • Botox is safe to treat wrinkles and frown lines to help you achieve the look you seek. And, it is important to choose experienced and qualified practitioners like board-certified dermatologist Dr. M. David Cole to get the best results.

What do I need to know about caring for myself after my treatment?

  • You can resume normal activities immediately, but you should remain upright for four to six hours after injection, and you should not lie down.
  • Do not exercise for 4 to 6 hours post injection.
  • Do not travel by air within 48 hours of the procedure.
  • Do not massage, rub or manipulate the injection sites, to avoid unwanted side effects.
  • Do not drink alcohol or take vitamin E for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure.
  • During the 4 hours after the procedure, try to use the muscles that were injected. This will improve results.

Is it true that I can build resistance to Botox?

Yes, but this is rare. If it does happen, there are similar formulations that can be used to achieve the same effects, including Dysport and Xeomin.

Can I have Botox and fillers?

Yes. In fact, the combination is very common. Fillers fill and plump wrinkles from beneath the skin. Fillers can also add volume and restore youthful contours.

Are there any other benefits of Botox treatment?

Since 2006, multiple double-blind placebo controlled studies have shown that injections of Botox into the muscles of the forehead significantly improves the symptoms of depression!  Yes, that is right- Botox treats depression with results that rival most recognized antidepressants.

How does this happen? When a frown is inhibited our ability to be sad or angry is also reduced! Diminished muscle activity reduces our ability to perceive negative emotions. So, not only do you present a more attractive first impression, you can experience elevated self-esteem and mood. Regular treatments provide optimal, and longer lasting results.

Choosing an expert like board-certified dermatologist Dr. M. David Cole assures you will get the best results.